This NEWS from "Gordo", WB6NOA
It's September, and BACK TO SCHOOL for HAM CLASSES! Gordo and the W5YI team has free training resources and discounted books for you!
This W5YI HAMINSTRTUCTOR.com web site has been totally restructured, and is in full swing to serve YOU, our valued instructor.   This new site requires a new site registration / login.  You will receive a confirmation email to confirm your login & email.  Thanks to Allan, WB5QNG!
Registered instructors have access to Gordo's 3 INSTRUCTOR GUIDE MANUALS, for Technician, General, and Extra class.   Instructors may also save up to 25% off on classroom W5YI training materials when ordered in quantity.  Each manual lays out logical class outlines, live demonstrations, and each manual follows the Q & A reorganization for easier instruction with like-questions grouped together! This is an exclusive Gordo feature! Download them at RESOURCES, from  WWW.HAMINSTRUCTOR.com, your private web site only available to W5YI registered instructors, elmers, and club training officers.
As a W5YI registered instructor, you may download TECHNICIAN CLASS, GENERAL CLASS, AND EXTRA CLASS teaching POWER POINT graphics, thanks to Bob, K3DIO. Go to RESOURCES, and scroll down. These are 3 brand new PowerPoints.  Encourage your students to take practice exams at www.hamstudy.com.  These, too, follow Gordo's reorganized Q & A for easier and more logical teaching. Thanks Bob!
All books are now full color, lay reasonably flat, with blue highlights on key words for test taking, plus Gordo's explanations at every question, and access to HAM RADIO CRASH COURSE videos that match specific topic areas in the book. Thanks to YouTube's Josh Ness, KI6NAZ, we now add urls to VIDEOS within each TECHNICIAN CLASS book!
Email your students the PRE-STUDY home work, also found in RESOURCES for Instructors to  download. This keeps them working the book between class sessions!
The book and audio training materials discounts are only available from the W5YI Group. Thanks Larry, NB5X, of the W5YI Group, for taking good care of INSTRUCTORS.
You may also receive, with your class quantity book orders, the GRADUATION CERTIFICATES for your students, as well as your own W5YI INSTRUCTOR color patch. Tiffany at W5YI is your direct contact, 1 800 669-9594, or e-mail Tiffany     This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
INSTRUCTOR NEWSLETTERS are now back on track, with this 1st one to ask what we can do to serve your training needs. You and your students can call Gordo direct at 714 549-5000 and plan for even more class excitement with a personal Gordo Zoom visit to your classroom or club meetings!
And speaking of Zoom, here is Allan Batteiger, WB5QNG with the W5YI VEC, talking about the W5YI VEC "paperless testing" program . W5YI VEC remote testing is the Nation's largest VEC remote testing opportunity in the Country, for any of your students who can't make a local test session, or wish to test in class with a tablet. TOTALLY PAPERLESS!
W5YI-VEC uses ExamTools to provide a complete exam management system.  ExamTools is a web site that allows printing exams for paper exams, it also provides the tools necessary to give fully documented exams via computer.   Using tablets or laptops your exams session will be fully documented with no paper.  ExamTools allows scheduling, registration, giving exams, signing documents, generating a master pdf for the VEC as well as a download file so W5YI-VEC can quickly and accurately import all of your session information.  Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to get more information, get trained and setup to use ExamTools.
Welcome aboard the W5YI training program. This is Gordo's 50th year with live classes and his own books, with thanks to Larry NB5X at W5YI Group , and his dedication to volunteers who keep our materials ready for upcoming ham classes!