We welcome you ALL back to our NEW W5YI HAM INSTRUCTOR program. It's all NEW for you!
If you are reading this at our Pacificon 2022 INSTRUCTOR ACADEMY in person, or reading this as a club "elmer" handout, we need you to re-register on our new modern W5YI web site.
First, please register again anew at WWW.HAMINSTRUCTOR.COM. Log in with your username, e-mail address, and your favorite password.
You will get an immediate response that you are IN.
Our earlier W5YI registration of instructors has been retired, safely deleted, during Covid.
So start out fresh at WWW.HAMINSTRUCTOR.COM
Here is what's new!
   ** Bob, K3DIO,  allows you to download his NEW Technician and General Class PowerPoints for classroom or Zoom sessions. It's interactive, it's synced to our book's reorganization, and filled with graphics and photos!
Extra class PowerPoint is available, too, from an alternate author. Bob and I will start new extra class updated work on his style PPt next year.
These W5YI PowerPoint are available free for YOU, our valued instructors. These PowerPoints are not intended, nor authorized, to be sent to students.
And YES, we are in the process of updating GENERAL CLASS books, audio, and PowerPoint for next year's update General Class rotation in June, 2023.
**  Our HAMINSTRUCTOR.COM site also lets you download my three Instructor's Guides for Tech, General, and Extra. I give away every one of my class demo secrets, + time lines for topics, and even show instructors a great way to put students on both sides of end to end 8' tables for more compact classroom instruction.
These Instructor Guides may show older dates on the cover, but the material inside is just about the same!
**  When your students order their books direct from Tiffany at W5YI, they will also receive home study notes and band charts, too. The home study gets them reading the book before each class session! Be sure they mention your upcoming class.
For instructors ordering quantities of our books, Tiffany at W5YI will include these home study notes and band charts with your order, along with a nice discount to you the instructor.  Call Tiffany direct at 1 800 669-9594.
Thanks to Allan, WB5QNG , working with Larry, NB5X, at W5YI, we now have a fresh posting of past instructor newsletters, too, plus this much more modern web site!
Allan's Volunteer Examiner newsletters also have the full details on remote ham testing from W5YI, plus the latest on new FCC requirements for students and the FRN's they need for a new exam. If you are a VE, see all the work that has gone in to the new W5YI-VEC.ORG site and the all new VE manual!
Back to School ! Call me direct if I can help with your upcoming classes     1 714 549-5000     Gordon West